A way to define therapy is "a method to bring about change with the aim of becoming healthier, happier or more successful." What type of change it's about and with regard to which topics are for you you decide. You ask the therapeutic question.

In therapy you will look for unconscious patterns that keep you more or less trapped. You might have discovered this while "being stuck" in one way or another and you seek help with the process of researching and changing it. Sometimes it takes courage to take this step and I support you in your process.

I am trained as a Core Energetic Therapist, a form of body-oriented (psycho) therapy. We see body and mind as one cooperating entity, each element has a kind of wisdom in it. The body gives information about your patterns in subtle signals, in holding and blocking energy, but also in movement.

We work in sessions to bring out the unconscious, to raise your awareness and thereby make space for new paths to walk. The aim is to allow energy flow and balance between body, "mind" and "spirit". By doing so you open the door to live your life live more from your full potential, that is what core energetics focuses on.

More about Core Energetics: and .

Our head is often the source of many limitations. We think and ponder our way around and around in a circle and all this thinking doesn't help us out of that circle. That's why we shift our attention to the body, to energy, to movement and also to immobility in the body. Our body tells us a lot. We investigate unconscious resistance, our masks and use body awareness as one of the entrances.

I work with conversation, exercises, touch, setups and everything that presents itself to you.

When do you consider therapy?

People have different reasons to go into therapy, maybe below you'll find something that reflects your situation:

  • To feel "stuck".
  • Burnout or depression.
  • Addiction you do not come from.
  • Your relationship no longer runs or you long for a relationship and it just does not happen.
  • You feel a lot and that is overwhelming or you just do not feel anything.
  • You always run into the same (type of) conflicts with people.

Since it is your process and you determine what to work on.  Topics can differ from session to session.

We always start with an intake interview to get to know each other and share the topic or topics. After the intake we decide whether and how we get started.

Individual work vs Participation in a group

You can also do this work in a group. A group is a safe environment in which you individually and collectively investigate limiting convictions, unconscious patterns, triggers and other matters. In a group you come across recognition because you are not alone with your struggles. You also meet yourself in a group, in all different facets of you. A group is a powerful way to learn and discover. Groups I co-lead are not larger than 10 people in order to have a safe setting.

Ongoing group, Men + Women: January - May 2020

Together with my collegue Corinne van den Bergh ( we host a mixed group of men and women. We work from a Core Energetic perspective. You don't need experience with body oriented work, your curiousity in what is holding you back and what is pushing you, is more important. A group of men and women started in September 2019. We work a number of evenings together and in January 2020 we open the group for new people. Your commitment is for the announced number of evenings (6-10) to allow yourself an the group to work and process at a deeper level.

The next series will start Monday January 13, 2020. The location is near Muiderpoort Station in Amsterdam, the Mirror Centre. We start at 19.30 and end at 22.00.

Please contact me when you want to know more.

Men Group:  Core Energetic weekend, 13-15 March 2020

Together with my collegue Rob Bresser ( we host a Core Energetic weekend for men who want to look deeper into themselves and into issues such as contact with other men, being in a group, competition, vulnarability, pleasure and much more.

The loaction is near Amsterdam, we start on Friday at 19.00 and we end Sunday at 16.00. Food and drinks are provided, lodging is optional. More information about location and price will be available soon.

Please contact me when you want to know more.

Your investment

Private rate individual session:

Intake: € 40, - (including 21% VAT) for 30 minutes.
Session: € 65, - (including 21% VAT) for 60 minutes.

When you or your employer can deduct a session for tax purposes:

Intake: € 50, - (including 21% VAT) for 30 minutes.
Session: € 79, - (including 21% VAT) for 60 minutes.

Private rate group participation per 10 sessions of 2 hours each: € 350 (including VAT).

Business rate group participation per 10 sessions: € 425 (including VAT)