About Piet Jan (1965)

I graduated in 2014 as a core energetic therapist at the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics (NICE) ( https://coreenergetics.nl/nl/nice-institute/ ). My personal development started around 2001-2002 and since that time I am interested in what drives me and especially what stops me, what keeps me in a place or in a situation. After years of searching and a training program for Life Coach at School of Life, I came into contact with Core Energetics. Immediately I embraced the holistic and body-oriented approach and the attention to the good (the "core") in every person.

I originally worked as a management consultant and later as an entrepreneur in IT and internet (cloud). I have set up several companies. I have worked for large and small organizations and I have experience in supervising change processes in both organizations and people.

I am married, we have two children and I live in Amsterdam.

My motivation

I work with individual clients and groups. I am fascinated by the stories that the body brings to light and the insights it gives to people when they start to discover that in their body. I am always emotional moved by the courage of people to confront themselves, to expose themselves and also to investigate their negativity. After all, there is NO in every human being and it is often powerful and well hidden because we think that is how we should be .....