Do you have a question about personal development, business skills or skills? In that case coaching is an approach that you can consider. In a coaching process we work on topics that you want to develop, where you seek feedback and support. We discuss situations and your development wishes, we view them from different angles and together we go along your development path.

I bring in myself and what I know, see and have experienced. I use conversation techniques, constellations, mindfulness, breathing techniques and yoga. I am open to what you contribute and I'll support you.

The need for coaching often comes from a work situation in which you are feeling stuck. For example, it can be about stress or burn-out complaints. The goal is usually to develop more confidence. Examples:

  • Feeling confident when new challenges appear;
  • Develop self-confidence;
  • Have not been comfortable in work and private life for quite some time;
  • Worrying, struggling with dilemmas and big questions and not getting anywhere.

Eventually you determine the questions you seek help with and we work together towards your final goals. A coaching process is targeted and therefore usually of shorter duration than a therapy process.

The difference between coaching and therapy is not always clear. For me, therapy goes deeper than coaching. In therapy you will find out which patterns are in your way, where they come from and how you can free yourself and develop. An intake helps us both to determine what is best for you at the moment.

Your investment


Intake: € 40, - (including 21% VAT) for 30 minutes.
Session: € 65, - (including 21% VAT) for 60 minutes.

When you or your employer can deduct the sessions for tax purposes:

Intake: € 50, - (including 21% VAT) for 30 minutes.
Session: € 79, - (including 21% VAT) for 60 minutes.